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From KushMart:

“Concentrates from Millennium Extracts and Dabstract are literally flying off the shelves. From Dabstract, you can get a half gram of pesticide-free extracts for around $30 or maybe go up to a full gram with the Millennium Extracts syringe at about $40. These prices are absolutely insane when it comes to quality concentrates. Since we’ve started spreading the word in-store, we’re already selling out of specific strains. If $30 and $40 is out of your price range, we are also carrying Millennium Extracts half gram cartridges for just $20. Portability, discreet usage, and effective dabbing are three great reasons why someone should pick up a cartridge from Millennium Extracts.”


Weedmaps Reviews:

"Millennium Marijuana is excited to offer its OG Kush Cartridge, a delectable Indica known for its lemon pine favor profile and munchies-inducing body high. This OG Kush Cartridge fits 510-threaded vaporizers and heats its contents evenly to ensure a pleasurable vaping experience. There may be many OG Kush Cartridges to choose from, but Millennium Marijuana's sands out from the crowd; this is the cartridge cannabis connoisseurs choose.”




Millennium Extracts — White Nightmare and 9LB Hammer Oil

"This month, we’re featuring two killer concentrates from one of our favorite vendors, Millennium Extracts. In the sativa corner, we have White Nightmare, which weights in at 67.5% THC, 12.2% Terpenes, and 69.4% Total THC. Featuring cherry and berry elements, White Nightmare is anything but  a nightmare to smoke, and its sweet flavor and uplifting effects will keep you wide awake and ready for a hike, bike ride, or hard session at the gym.

As the name suggests, sweet, earthy 9LB Hammer is a sedative strain perfect for binge-watching and fully enjoying the gravitational pull of your couch. This 71.5% THC, 5.68% Terpenes, 72.6% Total THC. This will also take nap time to another level."




"Hades Haze is a rather fresh hybrid addition to the Haze family and its availability is hard to come by. The Indica dominant strain is known to be potently euphoric and heavy sedating with its high THC levels. Some consumers who have sought this type of Indica report successful treatments in fighting depression, mood swings, fatigue, and insomnia. Hades Haze can be overwhelming to some and is recommended for evening recreational use.

Overall Conclusion: This is an excellent strain for consumers looking for a perfect euphoria while being creative at the same time. It had a prompt onset of heavy sedation and even though the feeling was quite pleasurable, I feel this wouldn’t be the same for others who don’t have a high tolerance such as myself. I wouldn’t recommend using this potent wax for reasons of simply having to function on a daily basis. The evening is the best time to consume and can transition your mind into a calm state when going to sleep, especially if insomnia is a factor. "